We are selling our Shotover G1 to make room for a larger system. It is a very complete kit with lots (10k+ worth) of accessories and extras.

The system was just serviced at the German Shotover service center and is up to most recent specs.

Its running perfect and is in almost flawless cosmetic condition.

More Pictures: Dropbox Link

Included with G1:

– G1 Gimbal
– G1 Controller + 2x Controller Battery
– G1 Groundstation
– 3x Lens Motor with 15mm clamp and gear set 0.4, 0,5, 0.6, 0.8
– G1 Payload Cable Set
– G1 Bracing Kit
– G1 Hardcase
– G1 Mitchell Mount
– G1 Freerunner Adapter
– G1 Gimbal Cable Set
– G1 Handle
– G1 Universal Adapter Plate

Extras included with our personal system:

– SDI slipring Upgrade (really important for all car rig and live stuff)
– Shotover Vibration Isolator (not on Pictures)
– PELICAN Power case that fits 3x 10000 mAh Tattu batteries (EC5 connectors) for G1 power. (Approx 3-4h)
– many spare bracing parts for G1 payload
– Extra AUX comms + extra AUX power cable (same as controller cable)
– 2x backup antenna long
– 1x backup antenna short
– Shotover G1 directional antenna

Selling for 52.500,00 EUR, preferred to EU but worldwide possible

Contact and questions please use office@dynamicfilmworks.com